My Xuan B1 - Dai Duong IP


1. Investor: Công ty TNHH Đại Dương - Dai Duong Co.,Ltd

2. Investment Location: My Xuan Ward, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

3. The investment license No:  49221000009 dated 01 December 2006

4. Total area: 138,5 ha - land area is finished 94,98 ha

          5. Place:

-    The Western area is contiguous to My Xuan B1 - Conac Industrial park overlooking 51 Highway;

-          The Southern area joins the provincial routes from the national road No 51 toward Ngai Giao;

-          The Eastern area joins Bien Hoa - Vung Tau highway;

-          The Northern area border Dong Nai Province.

6. Ecoraged Industries

-          The construction materials;

-          The food and beverage;

-          The light industries as stationary, composite plastic,...

-          The electronic and refrigerant-electric ranges of product;

-          The mechanical manufacture or repair and maintenance, and equipment erection;

-          The non-pollution industries.

7. Prices:

-          Price land for lease: ± 45 USD/m2

-          Fee of using infrastructure: (hygiene, trees, security, electric lights…): 0,25 USD/m2/year, must be paid annually

-          Fees wastewater discharged: 0,25 USD/m3.

-          Term of land leasing period: To 30/11/2056

-           (Prices aren’t inclusive of VAT)


1.      Traffic

1.1     Road

Located 51 highway on the route from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau.

1.2 Airway

Mỹ Xuân B1 - Dai Duong industrial park is far away from Tan Son Nhat Airport 70 kms and form Long Thanh international airport 20 kms with the expectation of construction as plannes

1.3 Waterway

The industrial park is locoted far away from: Saigon Harbour 70kms, Vung Tau Harbour 40kms, Phu My Harbour 12kms; Thi Vai Harbour 05 kms; Go Dau Harbour 07 kms to enable vessels and ships at the loading weight of 20.000 - 80.000 tons to come to anchorage.

2.      Characteristics of Industrial part

-          Good hardness, Eo index from 1.8 to 2.5 kg/cm2

-          Height above sea level: from +8m to +16 m

-          Average humidity: 79% - 84%

-          Average temperature: 26oC - 27oC and relatively stable

-          Average annual rainfall: 1769.9 mm

3.      Building regulations

The average density of construction 60% - 70%, the average height of 1.5 storeys and the land use 0.9 times for the region for building and operating works of public service: 40% building density, coefficient of land use no more than 2.0 times.

4.      Wastewater quality

The quality of the effluent from the WWTP shall conform to the standards set by Standard TCVN 5945-2005 Class A and its revisions, if any.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (5days at 20C) (BOD5)


300 mg./l.

Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODcr)


350 mg./l.

Suspended Solids (SS)


200 mg./l.

Prior to the disposal of wastewater to the wastewater of My Xuan B1 – Dai Duong Industrial part, the Tenant must pre-treat by such as the septic tank for domestic wastewater and the other special wastewater treatment plant for industrial wastewater to ensure that the levels of such pre-treated wastewater do not exceed the following standards:

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (5days at 20C) (BOD5)


300 mg./l.

Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODcr)


350 mg./l.

Suspended Solids (SS)


200 mg./l.

Fees wastewater discharged from factories to sewage treatment systems of industrial parks: 0.25 USD/m3.

5.      Water, electricity, gas

5.1 Water: Cleaned water supplying for investors with capacity of 40,000m3 per day  shall be supplied from Phu My.

- Price: 6.000VNĐ/m3 (not inclusive of VAT)

5.2 Electricity: The electricity in the industrial zone is furnished by two 220/110 KV national power sources: Ba Ria - Long Binh power source and Phu My thermoelectric plant and the electricity shall be transmitted through a 110/22 KV- 2x40 MVA intermediate station.


- Off peak time (22h-4h) : 510 VNĐ/kwh

- Nomal time (4h-22h)     : 920 VNĐ/kwh

- Peak time (18h-22h)      : 1.830 VNĐ/kwh

- Prices aren’t inclusive of VAT

5.3 Telecommunication System: Telecommunication system is supplied by Ba Ria - Vung Tau Post Office, and with a perfect sevice of communicating inside and outside the nation including telephone, fax,Internet ADSL,…

5.4 Supply Of Compressed Natural Gas:

It is be supplied by CNG Viet Nam joint stock compay. The gas is sold based on the market price at the time CNG VietNam provides to the investors.

6.     Labor Cost

-  Common worker      : 150 ÷ 200 USD/month/person

-  Technician worker   : 200 ÷ 300USD/month/person

(References in December 2010).

7.      Contact us

7.1     DAI DUONG CO., LTD

Add: 252 lot C, Ly Chinh Thang Str., Ward 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0913.808.999 – 0985.598.999

Điện thoại: 08. 22163688 - 08.22440341 - 08.22102270

Fax: 08. 35262487




Certificates of Investment

- The decision to approve detailed construction

Note: The  information mentioned above would be changed, but it does not inform.

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