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Crownland Long Hai

Crownland Long Hai resort's very nice property located in the "Mũi Nho" of Thuy Tien hill, Long Hai town. The population consists of a resort hotel 10 floors, 100 rooms size standard 5 star villas and 33 luxury resorts with private swimming pool and grounds. Private beach clean romantic, modern yacht berths, works as system service restaurant, bar, spa, freshwater pools, salt water pool, tennis courts ... with a nice location, clean air, clear vision and sunshine, can resort style living for a unique luxury beach resort.

Hong Quang Hai Long resort stretches of the hillside town of Thuy Tien Hai Long, Long Dien District - Ba Ria Vung Tau. With plentiful terrain includes areas sloping terrain, quite flat, followed foothills stretches of white sand beach is romantic, blue waves all year round comfort.

With an area of ​​50.351m2, KDL Hong Quang - Long Hai is the harmonious combination between modern architecture, while ensuring the natural landscape and create an ideal tourist population, in order to serve customer needs domestic tourists and visitors alike in the region and the world to visit and vacation.

The solution of the planning is compatible with current land topography that is the harmonious combination between buildings, respect the natural terrain combined with offers sea-view from the different sites.

It's beautiful coast scenery from the mountains of the hotel is nestled between the mountains a
nd hills bar can admire the panoramic coastline.

Design solution is built based on the safety and comfort at sea with the water sport activities combined with advanced facilities such as docks, saltwater pool, freshwater swimming pool and other services together can meet the needs of visitors.
The area deep inside the country is located right next to the resort States Van (Anooasis) and ruins her tomb is characterized by quiet suitable for villa layout block.
* The solution's architecture works in the planning area also meets the requirements of a tropical monsoon climate:
Architectural forms gentle charm. Concrete roof above the grass to sun and wind.

Balconies and corridors provide both space travel combined to create ventilation throughout the public sector to the area at the same time ensure a view of the sea.
Cool garden, rich in accordance with the natural surrounding landscape is ideal for relaxing accommodation to visitors.


- Certificate of land

- Certificates of Investment

The decision to approve detailed construction

- Building Permits

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