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The goal of the company is aiming to build Dai Duong become a global brand with a staff of dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic-minded long-term career development, attached to Dai Duong Co., Ltd , creating equal opportunities for all qualified individuals are promoted in their careers. So employment policies the company always aims to diversify its candidates, from the students have outstanding academic achievement, the candidates have the appropriate skills, experience, high professional level accordance with the requirements of the assigned work. Recruitment to be considered in view regardless of race, religion, gender and age.

1. People are central to the relationship

2. Employment and work: The objective of personnel selection is to invite the cooperation of the best candidates through the selection process fair and objective.

When a candidate starts work at Dai Duong Co., then he began a career with the ability to grow jobs with higher starting position in the future.

3. Wages, bonuses, benefits and contributions:
Dai Duong., Ltd. executed competitive wage policy, the reward fair compensation commensurate with the contribution of each individual in the fruit business in order to encourage all staff levels to meet the requirements of the job and contribute to the success of the company. In addition the company also organizes vacation, tourism and other benefits for employees ....

4. Training and staff development: The objective of the training is to create qualified staff professionalism and ethics in business, capable of developing their careers. Every year the company organizes short training period as well as long term to improve the staff's professional staff in the company.

5. Commendation - Discipline: Employees are rewarded annually reviewed based on business unit performance and individual contributions.
Employees violating the job or in the observance of labor regulations will be considered the application of disciplinary action in accordance with the provisions of labor law.

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